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Aviation Terms - A

ABBREVIATED IFR FLIGHT PLANS- An authorization by ATC requiring pilots to submit only that information needed for the purpose of ATC. It includes only a small portion of the usual IFR flight plan information. In certain instances, this may be only aircraft identification, location, and pilot request. Other information may be requested if needed by ATC for separation/control purposes. It is frequently used by aircraft which are airborne and desire an instrument approach or by aircraft which are on the ground and desire a climb to VFR-on-top.

ABEAM- An aircraft is "abeam" a fix, point, or object when that fix, point, or object is approximately 90 degrees to the right or left of the aircraft track. Abeam indicates a general position rather than a precise point.

ABORT- To terminate a preplanned aircraft maneuver; e.g., an aborted takeoff.

ACCELERATE-STOP DISTANCE AVAILABLE- The runway plus stopway length declared available and suitable for the acceleration and deceleration of an airplane aborting a takeoff.

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